Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celebrate the 4th Along Lake Michigan's Shoreline!

It’s hard to believe that summer is here and that 4th of July celebrations are just around the corner!  Our nations’ birthday is often a highlight of the summer season for many and, for those living or vacationing along the Lake Michigan Shoreline; you won’t be disappointed!

As the team here at Shoreline Property Advisors and serving real estate needs along the Lake Michigan Shoreline in Evanston, Chicago, the Indiana Shoreline, New Buffalo and Harbor Country; we enjoy letting people know about these fantastic cities.  Buying a  permanent residence or vacation home is much more than the property, but about the way you feel in the home and in the community; it’s an entire lifestyle!  That’s why we’re excited to showcase a few of the 4th of July events taking place in some of our favorite cities along the Lake Michigan Shoreline.  Take a look!

Evanston 4th of July

Downtown Evanston

Wednesday, July 4th from 9am to 9:30pm

- Evanston’s 4th of July celebration has been taking place since 1921 and has been a favored event ever since! The Evanston 4th of July Association is run completely by volunteers and is supported through generous donations of Evanston residents, local businesses and organizations, which means no tax dollars are used!  This fun-filled day will feature children’s games, a tennis tournament, parade, live music, fireworks and much more!  To view the entire schedule, please visit the Evanston 4th of July Association website.

Navy Pier Fireworks
Navy Pier, Chicago

Wednesday, July 4th at 9pm

- Join Chicago’s best loved tourist attraction, Navy Pier, for an night of Independence Day Fireworks!  This is a great opportunity for those visiting to experience a true Chicago landmark, and for locals to gather with family and friends to enjoy this exceptional display of fireworks.  Dinner cruises launching from Navy Pier, such as The Odyssey or Mystic Blue Cruises, are also a fun way to take in the evenings festivities.  Check out the Navy Pier website for more information!

New Buffalo Independence Celebration

Various Locations in New Buffalo

Tuesday, July 3rd through Saturday, July 7th

- New Buffalo knows how to celebrate the 4th of July by offering five days of great events!  On Tuesday, listen to the sounds of the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra and watch fireworks on the beach at 10pm.  Wednesday offers you a chance to gather with family and friends for your own traditional celebrations whether you spend the day at New Buffalo’s beautiful shores or grilling out.  The excitement continues Thursday through Saturday with a Volleyball Tournament, live music on the beach, free rides at Lion’s Park, a free family movie night and much more!  View the full schedule of events on the New Buffalo website and pick your favorites to enjoy.

We hope you’re able to take part in the 4th of July celebration closest to you!  Of course there are many other activities for the 4th taking place along Lake Michigan’s Shoreline, but we wanted to highlight a few for you and give you the opportunity to get involved in your community.

As always, whether you’re considering buying a vacation home, selling your current home or relocating to the one of the scenic Lake Michigan Shoreline cities; we hope you’ll contact us for any of your real estate needs.  We would love the chance to talk with you more!

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Shoreline Property Advisors
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tips to Get Your Harbor Country Home Ready for Summer!

While last week we talked about creating an outdoor oasis for your home, we wanted to also broaden the topic to cover making sure your entire home is ready for the summer season! 

As many of you know, Harbor Country is one of the favored spots along the Lake Michigan shoreline to vacation each year or even settle in permanently.  It’s picturesque scenery, quaint downtown and endless things to do year round make it an ideal destination.  As Harbor Country Real Estate agents, we understand that the warm weather brings about many reasons to spend your time outdoors, but it’s also important to make sure your Harbor Country home is ready for the change in weather and remains in great condition.

Below are a few of the ways you can prep your home in Harbor Country for this great season.  If you’re hoping to sell your Harbor Country home this summer, these are also ways to get your home ready to put on the market.  So, whether you’re a vacationer, live in Harbor Country permanently or are thinking of selling your Harbor Country home this summer; these simple tips will help your home shine!

1. Change Your Filters- This is a must for your home each year.  Keeping a fresh filter will ensure you don’t run into any major issues with your heating and cooling system in the future.

2. Test your cooling system
- Before the summer heat gets uncomfortable; you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning is working properly.  If it’s not running correctly or not getting cool enough, you’ll need to put a request in for a mechanic; so don’t delay!  Heating and cooling mechanics find hot summer months to be their busiest season.  Looking for a way to save?  Fans and opening your windows for that fresh lake air may be just the trick!  Just make sure your screens are free from holes so you don’t have unwanted insects in your home.

3. Driveways & Walkways- Now is a great time to repair any issues with your driveway or walkway.  If you’re expecting guests this summer or you’re considering selling your Harbor Country home; these little details can set the tone for the rest of your home.  Investing in shrubbery, potted plants and mulch is another great way to keep your driveway and walkway looking well maintained.

4. Awnings & Umbrellas
- Thinking of getting your awnings and umbrellas ready for summer use?  Hose everything down thoroughly and use a mild soap, if necessary. Check to see if your umbrella cover is machine washable.  After sitting in a garage during the cooler months, you want to make sure everything is fresh and ready to go!

5. Decks & Porches- Sweep the floors of all areas throughout and remove cobwebs from light fixtures, ceilings, and railings. Once the area is clear, check for holes, splintered wood, loose nails, and replace anything that may be damaged. It is also a good idea to seal the deck with a water-proofing sealer that also has a UV protectant.

6. Outdoor Furniture
- While, outdoor furniture is made withstand many of the elements; it’s not indestructible. When the outdoor season is over, all outdoor furniture should be covered with a waterproof canvas or tarp, or it can be stored in a garage or shed. Weekly cleaning and routine washes with a hose will make your outdoor furniture last much longer.

As always, our goal as Shoreline Property Advisors and Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents, is to give you great advice regarding your home and the Harbor Country Real Estate market.  We’re available to answer your questions and to help you get started in the home buying or selling process.

Give us a call today to get started!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Create an Ideal Outdoor Living Space for Your Evanston Home

This is a great time of year in Evanston as we anticipate the warm weather months ahead.  Those living in Evanston find themselves seeking the outdoors whether venturing along biking or walking paths, swimming in Lake Michigan, frequenting downtown restaurants with outdoor seating in Evanston or meandering through a park.  But what if you wanted to enjoy the long awaited summer in your own backyard?
Creating an outdoor living space will not only bring value to your Evanston home, but will be a great way to gather with family and friends while visually extending the square footage of your home.  If you already have an outdoor living space; it may be a good idea to give the area a facelift with new furniture or a new feature!  
Of course, not everyone has the resources to create a dream outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or water feature, but using the budget you have an trying to incorporate the following three elements will ensure you create a space you’ll enjoy all season long!
1. Fire- According to a recent national survey, landscape designer Michael Glassman, noted that the #1 request for an outdoor space is a kitchen. While designing and installing an entire outdoor kitchen can be very costly, there are other ways to get this same feel. Make an outdoor fire-pit, purchase a potbelly stove, or just use your charcoal grill. On cooler evenings in Evanston, roast marshmallows or cozy up by candlelight and a hot cup of tea. No matter your budget or size of your outdoor space, you’ll be able to find a way to creatively incorporate fire!

2. Water- The sound of trickling water always seems to have a calming effect. If you’re not ready to invest in a backyard stream or pond; there are other options for creating the serene water effect. A simple tabletop fountain or a pond or stream beside your patio or deck will bring the essence of tranquility and quiet to your outdoor living area. Just be sure to utilize the water you want in your space and keep out the water you don’t!  A rainy day can put a damper on your outdoor activities, but having an awning or gazebo with naturally growing vines can offer the protection you need from a passing shower.

3. Earth- Since this is an outdoor room, be sure to include as many earth tones and natural objects as possible in your design. You want to maintain that outdoor feel instead of simply mimicking an interior space. Use things like rocks, branches,wooden objects or natural furniture to add interest. Of course the changing seasons will be the backdrop of your outdoor room, so be sure to play off the colors and vibrancy of the Evanston season.
We hope this inspires you to take your outdoor living space to the next level!  You’ll be sure to enjoy the investment and, if you’re ever in the market to sell your Evanston home; it will be a bonus for potential buyers!
If you have questions about living in Evanston, the current Evanston Real Estate market or are interested in buying or selling a home in Evanston, please feel free to contact us today!  Our Shoreline Property Advisors team of trusted real estate advisors and Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents are here to help you navigate through the Evanston Real Estate market.
We look forward to talking with you!
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