Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't Miss Harbor Country's Biggest Art Festival This Weekend!

As an experienced team of Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents and property advisors here at Shoreline Property Advisors, we understand that buying a vacation home or permanent residence goes beyond the four walls of your home.  That’s why, we enjoy highlighting all that the towns of Harbor Country have to offer!

Whether you’re searching for a beautiful vacation destination right on Lake Michigan, or you find yourself looking for the peaceful lifestyle that living in a charming, lakeside town brings; you can’t go wrong with settling into Sawyer, Harbert, Lakeside, Union Pier, New Buffalo, Grand Beach or Three Oaks!  While there are a number of beautiful homes on the market from which to choose, you’ll also find the lifestyle to be the winning factor in living or vacationing along the Lake Michigan Shoreline.

Today, we wanted to highlight a great event that’s taking place this weekend and that involves all of Harbor Country’s communities!  It’s not often that we’ll have an event that includes each area, and so we’re glad to showcase this art filled weekend!  Take a look!

Art Attack 2013
Harbor Country
Friday, April 26 through Sunday, April 28
- Join the excitement of the Midwest's most eclectic, interactive celebration of "All that is Art."  Enjoy a full palette of colorful activities featuring a weekend showcase of gallery receptions, artist’s demonstrations, exhibitions, theatre, music, wine tasting, open houses and an overall great time!
Harbor Country is a haven for artists and galleries. Including our wonderful shops, restaurants and lodging facilities, there is art in everything that we do. Harbor Country businesses turn themselves into an art form for the weekend. You will be delighted with the creative and innovative events planned.
Events will be held in the eight towns of Harbor Country. They are located off the first four exits of I-94 from the Michigan-Indiana border. Harbor Country is accessed via exits 1, 4, 6, 12 on I-94.. All Art Attack events are open to the public. Most are free.  To view the schedule of events, please check out the Art Attack 2013 brochure.
All Official Art Attack participating establishments will have a sign displaying the official Art Attack logo to make the events easier for you to find. Sign up at each event by putting you name in the paint can to win a wonderful gift basket filled with goodies from Harbor Country!
We hope you’re able to get out and take in the beautiful displays from local artists!  This weekend is a wonderful display of our communities coming together and celebrating the uniqueness of Harbor Country.  It’s an event you won’t want to miss!
We would love the opportunity to hear about your vision for your Harbor Country lifestyle and can show you the homes that match your needs and budget!  
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bike or Hike Your Way Through Harbor Country!

Those that live or vacation in any of the charming Harbor Country towns of New Buffalo, Lakeside, Sawyer, Three Oaks, Harbert, Union Pier, Douglas or Grand Beach know of the breathtaking that this part of Southwest Michigan has to offer.  

Sandy beaches, vineyards, orchards, hills and farms provide this area with a variety of nature scenes that look like they’ve been taken straight from a postcard.  That’s one of the reasons we love working as a team of Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents and advisors here at Shoreline Property Advisors!  

We know that what we have here is so special and we want buyers and renters to experience this picturesque part of the country.

If you currently live in Harbor Country or are planning a vacation for this summer, you may be wondering what the best way would be to take in these beautiful surroundings.  Well, we have a great answer and it happens to be free!

The Harbor Country Hike & Bike Trail has connecting paths all throughout the area!  This extensive project to provide a convenient system to tour Harbor Country has been in the works for some time and, when it’s completed, will host 36 miles of attractive trails for those interested in hiking or biking throughout these beachside towns.

In fact, if you’d like to learn more about the project or would like to donate to the cause, you won’t want to miss this upcoming event!

Harbor Country Trails Give Back Dinner
Bentwood Tavern in the Marina Grand Resort
600 W Water St  New Buffalo

Tuesday, April 23rd from 5-9pm

Everyone is invited to join in this special Give Back dinner for the Harbor Country Trails project!  50% off all food and beverage revenue will be donated to the cause! Please call 269-469-9900 to reserve your spot, or learn more on the Harbor Country Trails website.

We hope you’re able to come out and join in this great opportunity to give back to this project that will be a great asset to our communities for years to come!

If you’re ready to hit the trails, here are a few simple tips to remember when it comes to safety.

- Bike on the right side of the road and wear a helmet
- Walk on the left side of the road
- Walk and ride in a single file line when cars are approaching
- Obey all traffic signs and signals
- When riding or walking at night, be sure to wear high visibility clothing, lights and reflectors

You’ll enjoy discovering these trails throughout Harbor Country.  We encourage you to get to know them all to find your favorite!  Not only do the trails offer great views, but they also promote a healthy lifestyle and a fun way to connect with family and friends!

If you have any questions about living or vacationing in any of the Harbor Country towns, we would love to talk with you!  Our team of experienced Harbor Country Real Estate agents are ready to answer your questions and show you some of the beautiful homes currently on the market.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Celebrate Earth Day in New Buffalo!

It’s a beautiful time of year in New Buffalo as we’ll begin to see signs of spring blooming all around us.  It’s fitting then, that the nation will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22 to focus on our environment and how we care for our world!
In working as New Buffalo Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents here at Shoreline Property Advisors, we enjoy telling those interested in renting or buying a vacation property, or even a permanent residence, about the scenic setting and breathtaking views that they’ll find in New Buffalo and all along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  We know that the preservation of this beauty is something that draws guests into our community and even causes them to want to stay!
If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day this year with family and friends; you’ll want to be sure to check out the Woodland Wildflowers at the Fernwood Botanic Garden and Nature Preserve in nearby Niles.  Check out the information below!
Woodland Wildflowers
Fernwood Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve
13988 Range Line Road, Niles
Sunday, April 21 from 1pm to 2:30pm

- Gather with family and friends to learn about woodland plants that bloom from April through June and how to break seed dormancy, produce plants from seed, and establish them in a shade garden. Also learn about soil development and the use of soil amendments that will help you to grow some of the more challenging native plants. To learn more about this exhibit, visit the Fernwood Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve website

There are also other ways you can enjoy Earth Day and even promote a healthy, eco-friendly environment in your own New Buffalo home.   Take a look at these simple ways to go green!
1. Close your windows- It may seem counterintuitive, but opening the windows will often make your New Buffalo home warmer, not cooler. Open your windows at night if the air outside is cooler than inside, and close them (along with blinds and shades) before the sun hits your house in the morning. When night falls, open windows wide, particularly those oriented toward prevailing winds so you can take advantage of cross ventilation. You may also put houseplants in front of sunny windows to absorb some of the sun’s energy.
2. Use fans strategically- Using ceiling fans or stand alone fans can create a nice breeze in a room and help keep you cool.  If you’re using ceiling fans, make sure it’s running in the right direction, so that in the summer the breeze is blowing down, not up.  Remember to turn fans off when you leave a room since they are made to keep people cool, and are not made to cool an entire room. If you’re buying a new fan, buy an Energy Star fan which will use 50% less energy than other models!
3. Cook (or don’t cook) a cool meal- Just as drinking an ice cold lemonade cools your body, eating cold food helps keep your internal temperature lower on a hot day.  If you do cook, use the grill or the microwave, or else you’ll heat up your kitchen from using the oven and stove. And remember, kitchen appliances aren’t the only devices that give off heat; limiting your use of electronics will help keep your spaces cooler.
4. Shut off the lights- While modern lightning, like compact fluorescents and LEDs, are more efficient, incandescent light bulbs can produce as much heat as they do light. Energy Star-rated light bulbs produce 75% less heat, so consider that when replacing bulbs. It’s always a good idea to shut off lights to save energy, it makes a big difference on hot sunny summer days.
5. Plant a tree (or two or three) strategically- Your New Buffalo home may get hot because the sun beats down on it relentlessly on hot summer days. Let nature help reduce your energy bills by planting deciduous trees on the east and west sides of your home; in the summer, their broad leaves will shade your house.  Also consider planting trees or shrubs to shade high-heat areas – air conditioning units that emit heat, for instance, and driveways and walkways that absorb it.
We hope these tips inspire you to help preserve the environment around New Buffalo!  While these changes may seem small, if everyone does their part, it will help protect our surroundings and maintain the beauty of our community!
If you have questions about living or vacationing in New Buffalo and would like to learn more about the New Buffalo Real Estate market, please contact us today!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Things to Look For in Your Harbor Country Vacation Home!

Recently, we’ve been talking about buying or renting a vacation home on the Lake Michigan Shoreline, and it’s simply because now is a great time to jump into the market!   People are looking at homes that are currently available in New Buffalo,  Three Oaks, Lakeside, Sawyer and other Harbor Country towns in hopes of securing their vacation destination.

As a team of Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents and advisors here at Shoreline Property Advisors, we’ve seen how busy the spring real estate market can be and know that vacation homes, even rentals, will be gone before you know it!  

And supply is not the only reason to consider buying now.  The recent Case-Shiller Index report noted that home prices are on the rise as the 20 largest markets in the nations showed the largest year-over-year gain in prices since June 2006.  "This marks the highest increase since the housing bubble burst," said David Blitzer, chairman of the index committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices.

If you’re ready to begin your vacation home search along Lake Michigan, there are five things you’ll want to consider in the home you choose.  While these aren’t the only aspects to look for in a Harbor Country vacation home, they will help you quickly narrow down your search!

1. Layout and Space-  Know your goals for the home, whether it’s a long term home or a home that you’ll use for hosting family and friends for vacations. Floor plan, along with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, play a role in how comfortable and efficient your home is for you.  Although you want the most space for your money, buying a home that’s too large may not be in your best interest.
2. Location & Views- It’s often said that location is key, and that’s very true!  You can always make changes to the interior and exterior of your home, making it look exactly as you would like, but you cannot move your home to a new location. Be sure that the location you choose matches your desires for things such beach access, amenities and community.  Also consider the views from the homes or condos that you tour.  If you want to be able to sit out on your porch, or enjoy the views from your living room, this will be on the top of your list.  A home that’s a good price, but is in a less than ideal environment may not be the home for you.
3. Kitchen- For many, the kitchen is the “heart of the home” so you want to know you enjoy the space! Remodeling is always an option, but is a huge undertaking and can become very costly.  
4. Closets and Storage- Those vacationing in Harbert, Union Pier, Grand Beach, or any of the other quaint beach towns along the shoreline will often need extra storage for activities such as fishing, water skiing, boating, etc... so be sure the home you’re viewing has adequate storage.  
5. Finishes- Look at those special details that make the home stand out. While this is minor, it is still what makes a home feel pulled together. If you absolutely love the home, but aren’t keen on the finishes; buy it. You can always make additional updates later!
We hope these tips help you hone in on what you really want and need in your vacation home in Harbor Country!
Want to learn more?  We’re here to help answer your questions and help you get started!  We’ll be sure to answer your questions and walk with you through each step of the vacation home buying process.
We hope to hear from you soon!

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