Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4 Suggestions to Prepare Your Harbor Country Home for Holiday Guests!

With another holiday season upon us here in Harbor Country, including Sawyer, Lakeside, Union Pier, New Buffalo, Harbert, Grand Beach, Michiana and Three Oaks, many people will be descending upon the area to celebrate the holidays with their friends, family and loved ones. Whether you're a full-time resident that looks forward to hosting a holiday gathering every year or you visit a secondary Harbor Country home, it can oftentimes get a bit chaotic hosting guests! Here are four easy ways to prepare your home in Harbor Country for an influx of holiday guests:

1. Maintain the Outside. Your Harbor Country real estate may look beautiful on the inside, but what about its curb appeal? Just because it's winter doesn't mean that you should let exterior maintenance fall to the wayside! Whether or not you decorate the outside of your home for the holidays, be sure that walkways, driveways and patios are free of ice and snow. Take some time to shovel, de-ice and knock down any treacherous low-hanging icicles so guests can make their way into your home safely. Additionally, it's always a good idea to ensure that outside lights are working so guests can navigate to and from their cars after the sun goes down. 

2. Child-Proof Your Home. Whether you host large gatherings with many loved ones or prefer to keep things simple and intimate, chances are that there may be a few kids in tow. Ensure that your home is safe for children of all ages by placing lit candles, sharp objects, cleaning solution, kitchen and bathroom chemicals and other potentially hazardous items in a locked area or high enough that they are out of reach. Ask parents to bring baby gates and child-proof cabinet locks to further ensure that any little ones are not at risk for injury. 

3. Prepare Guest Areas. De-clutter, clean and prepare the rooms in your Harbor Country real estate that you know will be seeing a lot of foot traffic during your holiday gathering. Clean foyers and use a rug or welcome mat to keep mud, snow and other debris from being tracked throughout your home. Make sure bathrooms are sparkling, stocked with essentials such as toilet paper, hand soap and towels and that guests know which restroom(s) are available for them to use. You also may consider moving your coffee maker into the living or family room and creating a coffee station there, so guests don't crowd the kitchen before and after meals. This will also allow them plenty of space to make and/or wait for coffee. 

4. Ready the Kitchen. Ensuring that the kitchen is ready for your gathering is imperative. Check that the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, faucets, microwave and coffee makers are all in good working order. Be sure to stock up on amenities, such as paper towels, dish soap, napkins and glasses and dish ware for guests to use. As a longtime Harbor Country real estate agent, my personal philosophy is that it's always better to have some extra supplies than to run out and be short. Chances are, you'll use the extra basic kitchen essentials anyway! If you have time, clearing out old or expired items from the refrigerator is a great idea to make room for the array of leftovers that you will be sure to have. 

Our team of experienced Prudential Rubloff real estate agents hope that you find these tips helpful and that all of our clients and readers enjoy a festive, warm holiday in your homes in Harbor Country. We look forward to working with you on selling or buying a Harbor Country home in the coming year. 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Don't Miss These Fun Holiday Events in Harbor Country!

It’s a beautiful time of year here in Harbor Country and the holiday festivities have everyone filled with Christmas cheer!  With just two weeks until Christmas, there’s a lively hustle and bustle in each of the towns that make up Harbor Country with last minute shopping, holiday baking, parties and preparing for guests.  Whether you live in Three Oaks, SawyerNew Buffalo, Union Pier, Lakeside, Harbert, Grand Beach or Michiana; we hope you’re enjoying this great time of year!

In working as Harbor Country Real Estate agents and advisors here at Shoreline Property Advisors, we can’t help but love the area and the lifestyle that’s offered here on the Lake Michigan shoreline.  It’s these vibrant communities that cause vacationers to come back year after year, and oftentimes beckons them to buy a home in Harbor Country.

Whether you’re a current resident of Harbor Country or have plans to visit our shores in the next few weeks to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones; we wanted to point out a few great holiday events you’ll be sure to enjoy!

Country Christmas- Magical Saturdays
Various Harbor Country Businesses

Saturday, December 14th and Saturday, December 21st

- Don’t miss the Magical Saturdays with local Harbor Country businesses taking place this Saturday and next Saturday! You’ll enjoy special events such as open house, floral and holiday trimmings, Santa visits and breakfasts, holiday parades, gallery walks, ice sculpting, kid's activities and more. Come and experience the many traditions of Harbor Country. It’s a great place for your holiday celebration and shopping!  Learn more on the Harbor Country website.  

Ornament Workshop
Local Color Gallery
16187 Red Arrow Hwy, Union Pier
Saturday, December 14th from 1-3pm

- This is a great opportunity for moms and dads to head out and do some last minute shopping for Christmas!  Drop your children off (ages 6-12) at the Local Color Gallery where they can be involved in a Christmas ornament workshop!  This fun afternoon will be fun for everyone as children get to leave with a beautiful ornament that they made!  Cost is $20 per child.  For reservations, please call (269) 469-5332 or for more information, visit the Local Color Art Gallery website.  
If you’re planning on being in town over the next few weekends, we hope you’re able to get out and enjoy these events!  They’re a great way to celebrate the season with family and friends while experiencing the Harbor Country lifestyle!
If you’d like to learn more about living or vacationing in Harbor Country; please don’t hesitate to contact us today!  We would be happy to answer your questions and show you some of the beautiful homes currently available in Harbor Country

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

5 Reasons to Consider Buying a Harbor Country Home this Holiday Season!

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, the last thing on your mind might be buying a home in one of Harbor Country’s charming towns.  Yet, did you know that now can be a great time to buy a home in SawyerNew Buffalo, Union Pier, Lakeside, Harbert, Grand Beach, Michiana, or Three Oaks?

Here on the team of Shoreline Property Advisors, our Prudential Rubloff Real Estate agents and advisors understand that choosing your ideal home in Harbor Country and going through the home buying process can seem overwhelming at first.  But, with an experienced Harbor Country Real Estate agent by your side, buying a home this holiday season can be a successful endeavor!  Here are a few reasons you’ll want to consider buying a Harbor Country home this holiday season!

1. Lower Pricing- With the lack of people searching during the holidays for a home in Harbor Country; prices soften a bit. You can view our website,, to see a list of our current Harbor Country homes for sale. You’ll notice these homes are priced to sell and are a great deal for buyers.

2. Less Competition- Many buyers don’t think to take advantage of house hunting during the holidays, so you’re sure to avoid any bidding wars that would occur at a peak point on the Harbor Country Real Estate market. This will mean a less stressful home buying experience for you!

3. Motivated Sellers- Sellers dread not being able to sell their homes before the holidays get under way. They’re very aware that most are not in the market to buy a home until Spring rolls around, which means; they’re motivated. They know showings of their home will greatly decrease, so any activity on their home is good news. Oftentimes they’re willing to come down on the price or be flexible with closing dates, and other extras.

4. Favorable Mortgage Terms- Mortgage lenders may be willing to lower interest rates or let go of some of their fees in order to gain your business. With fewer people shopping for homes; they will be experiencing a slower time in their business as well. Be sure to shop around to get the best possible deal. Your Harbor Country Real Estate agent will help point you in the right direction.

5. Tax Deduction- Closing before the end of the year can mean you are eligible to deduct the interest component of your first monthly mortgage payment from your taxable income for this year. You may also be able to deduct any money you pay for points to reduce your interest rate. Of course you’ll want to consult with a Harbor Country tax advisor to talk over the full details.

What better way to celebrate the season than owning a home in Harbor Country?!  These Lake Michigan shoreline towns are ideal for vacations or settling in to permanently!

If you’d like to learn more about the Harbor Country Real Estate market or have questions about buying a home in Harbor Country; please contact us today!

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